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Lambskin Leather Hides Wholesaler & SUPPLIER In San Diego

We offer more than 100 different types of leather. In several variations and colors. Contact us to find out more about our extensive range.

Types of Wholesale Lambskin Hides

Nappa lambskin


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Pearlized nappa

lambskin leather

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lambskin leather

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Full & semi-aniline


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Vegetable tanned


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About Our Premium Lambskin Hides

We Only Use Premium Italian Imported Lambskin Hides

Beautiful Lambskin Leather Hides For Sale in San Diego

Negma Leather offers premium, high quality lambskin hides at wholesale prices. Visit our showroom to see & feel the luxurious lambskin leather we have available for purchase. You will love it and your customers will love it too.

Learn The Difference


Both lambskin leather and cowhide leather are desirable fabrics for a variety of applications like clothing, fashion accessories like belts and purses and even in the manufacturing of furniture. Which material you choose for your particular product or application depends on not only your personal preference, but also (probably most importantly, right?) on the needs and preferences of your customer base. Keep that in mind as you continue to explore our website and learn about the high-quality leathers we offer.

Feel The Luxury


Lambskin leather is very soft and pliable (meaning it’s soft and it feels good), making it an especially good choice for clothing and fashion accessories like belts, purses and shoes or boots. While it is true that you’ll have to take some extra precautions to protect it, the comfort that lambskin leather provides is so worth the effort. Lambskin leather is also perceived to be more desirable than other leathers. In the worlds of wholesale and retail perception is everything.

If it feels good, they will buy it. And lambskin leather feels amazingly good.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lambskin Leather Hides

What is lambskin leather?

Lambskin leather is incredibly soft and luxurious. Incredibly lightweight and very finely grained, this type of leather has a soft texture that makes it different from other types of “rougher” leathers.

Is lambskin leather waterproof?

Lambskin is a bit more porous than other leather types, so it is not waterproof. You can treat the leather with products for added protection and resistance to water. That being said, if worn for clothing it will keep you warm and protected without giving up style. If used for upholstery, you will get a soft and luxurious feel with moderate protection.

Is lambskin leather durable?

Lambskin leather will easily outlast any type of fabric, and is very durable. It is not as tough against moisture and heat as cow leather, but is still easily able to withstand the test of time.


Lambskin can be used in making many of the same items as cowhide leather. But lambskin does have its own set of pros and cons.


  • Lambskin is softer and more pliable than other leathers. It just feels really good!
  • Lambskin is a more desirable leather. If it feels good, buy it.


  • Lambskin is more expensive than other leathers.
  • Lambskin doesn’t hold its shape as well as other leathers.
  • Lambskin is durable to a point but is overall not as durable as most other leathers. It can be, but you do have to put in the extra work.

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