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Best 100% Italian Lambskin Leather Supplier for Manufacturers

Located in San Diego, CA

Wholesale Leather Supplier For Manufacturers

NEGMA Leather provides 100% Italian Lambskin leather for garment manufacturers and designers all over the world with immediate supply and huge lambskin leather inventory in our San Diego warehouse.

We Specialize In Wholesale Leather

As a lambskin leather wholesaler, we are known for our unique selection of specialty lambskin leathers and the finest quality finished Italian Lambskins. We are specialized in premium lambskin leather only and monitor each step of the leather tanning process to ensure high-quality finishing in our leather tannery in Italy.

Our Wholesale Leather Warehouse

Our lambskin leather warehouse in Downtown San Diego, USA stocks more than 250+ different lambskin leather colors, styles, and finishes. We ship leather from here immediately to all over the USA, Canada, and Mexico. We also have the availability to ship our specialty lambskin leather directly from Italy for bigger orders and manufacturers.

Our Wholesale Lambskin Leather Types

Wholesale Lambskin Leather
Wholesale Lambskin Hides
Wholesale Lambskin Suede
Wholesale Black Leather
Wholesale Red Leather
Wholesale Brown Leather
Wholesale Specialty Lambskin Leather
Wholesale Embossed Lambskin Leather
Wholesale Lambskin Foils Leather
Wholesale Lambskin Prints Leather
Wholesale Perforation & Laser Cut Lambskin Leather

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Shop By Popular Leather Colors

Black Leather

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Red Leather

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Brown Leather

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White Leather

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Wholesale Leather

We have many leather textures and colors for your every need. Browse through the different types today.
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Wholesale Leather Showroom

Unsure of what kind of leather you'd like for your next project? Discover our Showroom to see the different types offered.
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Contact Negma Leather

Have any questions regarding our wholesale leathers or location? Reach out with your email address your questions.
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Specialty Wholesale Leather

We have amazing & unique specialty leathers suitably for any need - let us help you find your match.
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Wholesale Lambskin Hides

With over 100 different lambskin hides & types of leather, you're sure to find the perfect cut & color of leather you need.
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Wholesale Lambskin Suede

From lamb suede to suede with foils, we have the largest inventory of custom lambskins to meet your every need.
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Our Custom

Specialty Leathers

Custom Embossed Leather

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Specialty Foils Leather

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Specialty Prints Leather

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Perforation & Laser Cut Leather

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Order A Wholesale Leather Sample Today

Want to see & feel our luxurious Italian leather for yourself? Contact us to order a leather sample today for your next project or manufacturing needs. We’re always happy to help you select the best leather that suits your needs, wishes, and wants.



“Negma leather have always provided me with great personal service despite being a whole sale business. They have some of the best quality lambskin for great prices!”

– Andrew A.

“I came in with a project in mind but I was unsure which type of leather to choose from to properly execute my idea. Negma Leather fully reviewed all options with me and I’m so happy I chose to work with them.”

– Chris M.

“The Negma Leather team is incredible. They are so friendly and helped me browse through their large array of colors and textures. I will definitely work with them again in the future.”

– Anika P.

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