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Soft Leather Fabric for Clothing


Learn About Garment Leather

What Is Garment Leather?

Garment leather is specifically made for the manufacturing of garments and clothing. Garment leather is also sometimes known as fashion leather or apparel leather, and is soft to the touch. Perfect for jackets and more, our soft and luxurious Nappa garment leather is available for nationwide shipping.

What Is The Best Leather for Clothing & Garments?

Nappa leather is the best choice – a full grain leather that allows for multiple designs or color options. Nappa lambskin leather hide for clothing and garments provide the softest feel and provides the highest-quality finishing.

What Is Very Soft Leather Called?

Soft leather is often referred to as Nappa leather. Nappa leather is very soft and often dyed leather that comes in a variety of colors and designs. Negma Leather offers more than 100 different types of Nappa lambskin leather hides, all made from 100% Italian Nappa lambskin produced in our own tannery in Italy. Most of our Nappa leather hides are available in several variations and colors. Contact us to find out more about our extensive range of Nappa leather hides.

Is Garment Leather Real Leather?

Negma Leather offers only 100% genuine Italian lambskin leather hides for sale. Our Nappa lambskin leather for garments and clothing is soft and luxurious to the touch and perfect for manufacturing clothing. Contact us for wholesale garment and apparel leather pricing information.