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Wholesale White Leather Hides

The best way to see for yourself how good our white colored leather quality is by ordering a sample of our different white leathers that we have in-house. See all of our amazing white leather for sale below!

White Lambskin Leather Hides For Sale

White Suede Leather

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Off White Cream Leather

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Off White Naked Leather

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Chrome Free White

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Premium White Leather Hides

White lambskin leather, sometimes referred to as cream color leather is in stock and available at Negma Leather. Our premium and 100% Italian white lambskin leather is perfect for garments and manufacturing.

Wholesale White & Cream Leather For Garments & More

What is white leather?

White lambskin hide is a strong, yet delicate texture produced using premium lambskin with dyes. White leather material can be utilized in an assortment of manufacturing jobs from garments to furniture to vehicle seating and is a classic look.

How is white and cream color leather made?

Cream and white leather can be made from any of the following: cowhide, lambskin, crocodile skin, goat skin, lizard skin, pig skin or alligator skin. Negma Leather only imports the finest 100% Italian leather directly from the source so you get the absolute best wholesale price. There are four basic phases to making red leather for manufacturing:

1. Prepping: This involves removing the skin or hide and preparing it for finishing. Then the hide or skin is placed in a heavy salt solution designed to stop the hide or skin from losing shape. Then placing the hide or skin in a lime bath provides much needed moisture, which then allows the hide or skin to be separated into two different layers. The upper layer is typically used for higher quality leathers like full grain leather and the bottom layer is used for products like shoes or purses.

2. Tanning: Tanning is what actually turns a hide or skin into a true leather. The hide or skin is exposed to a vegetable-based solution or chromium salt to help remove any excel moisture.

3. Re-Tanning: This is a ‘do-over’ of the tanning process.

4. Dyeing: Once properly tanned, the leather is now ready to have any color dye infused or injected. In this instance, that color is black.

How do you clean white leather?

Don’t be scared, cleaning white leather is surprisingly easy! All it takes is some warm water, mild liquid dish soap or castile soap and a little vinegar and two soft cloths. Dip one cloth into your mild soap solution and just lightly wipe down the area being cleaned. Do not soak the leather or use too much solution because that will cause moisture damage. Use the second cloth to (again, lightly!) wipe the soap away using clean water.

Shop Lambskin Leather For Garments By Color

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Brown Lambskin Leather

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Yellow Lambskin Leather

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Black Lambskin Leather

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