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Wholesale Perforated Lambskin Leather Hide

Order a sample of this beautiful perforated lambskin leather hide today and see for yourself that it is perfect in order to use it for high-end clientele. 

Perforated Lambskin Leather Hide For Garments

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Benefits of Perforated Leather

Why Perforated Leather Is Perfect For You

Perforated leather allows air to circulate, letting the leather “breathe”. Ventilation is especially in applications like motorcycle jackets, vehicle seats and steering wheels. Proper airflow means comfort and comfort is a good thing, right?

Frequently Asked Questions About Perforated Leather

Premium Perforated Leather For Sale

Negma Leather offers the best quality perforated leather that will last a lifetime. We also offer laser cut leather that is eye-catching and totally unique. Visit our showroom to see samples today!

What does perforated leather mean?

Perforated leather is leather that has tiny to small holes cut into it, usually in a straight line. There are sometimes other patterns cut into the fabric as well. This helps ventilate the leather, and you will often see perforated leather in sections of car seats or shoes where there is a lot of movement.

What is the difference between perforated leather and normal leather?

The main difference between perforated and normal leather is breathability and ventilation. The holes in perforated leather make it much easier for air to flow freely and releases heat. The other benefit to some people is the design and look of perforated leather itself. Some simply prefer perforated leather and how the end product looks compared to regular grain leather.

Can any Leather Hide be Perforated?

Sure, you can use machinery to poke holes in any leather material or precisely cut it with a laser. But, realistically, you need to consider what you’re having made and for what purpose. Then choose your perfect perforated leather accordingly.

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