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WHOLESALE Specialty Leather Supplier

We have many different types and colors of leather suitable for your different needs.

Our Specialty Leather Collection

Embossed Lambskin Leather

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Metallic Lambskin Leather

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Printed Lambskin Leather

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Perforated & Laser Cut Lambskin Leather

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Learn More About Our Specialty Leather

What is Specialty Leather?

Our specialty leather category includes embossed or printed leathers, foiled leathers or leathers that are either perforated or laser cut. Products made with a specialty leather a bolder look than that of a “traditional” leather.

What is Different About Specialty Leather?

Specialty leather still feels fabulous, but with all the different and intricate patterns and prints available the look of a specialty leather sets it apart from all the others. You will definitely make a bold and lasting impression when sporting clothing or having home accessories made with a specialty leather.

Benefits of Specialty Leather

You’ll feel great and look even better with a specialty leather, be it for a cherished item of clothing or a piece of furniture in your bedroom, living room or den. Who cares if you have to do a little extra maintenance to keep it in good shape, right? Look and feel are everything to a lot of people and specialty leathers have a ton of both.

Lambskin Leather For Garments By Color

100% Italian Black Leather

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100% Italian Red Leather

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100% Italian Brown Leather

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100% Italian White Leather

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Browse Our Other Leathers

Lambskin Suede

Our suede texture is available in plenty of colors and types for your needs. Browse our options now.
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Lambskin Leather Hides

Our lambskin hides offer extreme quality and amazing prices - see all our color and style options today!
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All Lambskin Leather

Browse all of the premium leather that Negma Leather has to offer in San Diego.
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