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Wholesale Black Leather Hides

The best way to see for yourself how good our black leather quality is by ordering a sample of our different black leathers that we have in-house. See all of our amazing black leather for sale below!

Black Leather Hides For Sale

BL Light Nappato Black Leather

Nappa Black BG Leather

Nappa Black Goat Leather

Nappa Roma Black Leather

Specialty Black Lambskin Leather Hides

Metallic-Charcoal Black Leather

Western Old American Espresso Black Leather

Vegetable Vincenzo Black Leather

Vegetable Mimi Black Leather

Embossed Black Leather & Black Foiled Leather

Alligator Black Leather

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Croco Matte Black Leather

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Nappalan Shiny Black Suede Leather

Nappalan Black Suede Leather

More Custom Black Leather Hides For Sale

Black Patent Leather

Crocodile Print Black Leather

Lizard Print Black Leather Style 1

Lizard Print Black Leather Style 2

Bulk Black Leather Hides For Sale

What is black lambskin leather?

Black leather is a sturdy, yet supple fabric made from our beautiful 100% Italian lambskin hides that have been infused with a black dye. Black lambskin leather hides can be used in a variety of applications from clothing to furniture to vehicle seating and is perfect for manufacturers.

How is black manufacturing leather made?

Black leather hide can be made using cowhide, lambskin, crocodile skin, goat skin, lizard skin, pig skin or alligator skin. Negma Leather uses only 100% Italian lambskin leather hides of the absolutely best quality, custom imported just for us from the source.

There are four basic phases to making black leather for manufacturing:

1. Prepping: This involves removing the skin or hide and preparing it for finishing. Then the hide or skin is placed in a heavy salt solution designed to stop the hide or skin from losing shape. Then placing the hide or skin in a lime bath provides much needed moisture, which then allows the hide or skin to be separated into two different layers. The upper layer is typically used for higher quality leathers like full grain leather and the bottom layer is used for products like shoes or purses.

2. Tanning: Tanning is what actually turns a hide or skin into a true leather. The hide or skin is exposed to a vegetable-based solution or chromium salt to help remove any excel moisture.

3. Re-Tanning: This is a ‘do-over’ of the tanning process.

4. Dyeing: Once properly tanned, the leather is now ready to have any color dye infused or injected. In this instance, that color is black.

What is the highest quality black leather?

The highest quality black leather material comes from that top layer produced in the prepping phase of making leather. Think leather jackets or furniture or vehicle seat covers. Negma Leather provides only the highest quality lambskin hides that are perfect for manufacturing jobs and bulk orders.

Shop All Lambskin Leather For Sale Below

Lambskin Leather Hides

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Full & Semi-Aniline Lambskin Leather

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Pearlized Lambskin Leather

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Vegetable Tanned Lambskin Leather

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Distressed Lambskin Leather

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Chrome-Free Lambskin Leather

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Our Specialty Lambskin Leather

Lambskin Suede

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Embossed Lambskin Leather

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Foiled Metallic Lambskin Leather

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Printed Lambskin Leather

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Laser Cut Lambskin Leather

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Perforated Lambskin Leather

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Shop Lambskin Leather For Garments by Color

Red Lambskin Leather

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Brown Lambskin Leather

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White Lambskin Leather

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Yellow Lambskin Leather

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