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Lambskin Suede WHOLESALER & SUPPLIER In San Diego

We offer a large array of leather options in various types and colors. Contact us to learn more about the leathers and suedes we have to offer. If you’re local or you’re able to travel, we highly recommend a visit to our showroom where you can see the beauty and quality of our leather and suede products firsthand.

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Types of Wholesale Lambskin Suede

Lamb Suede

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Lambskin Suede With Foils

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Learn More About Beautiful Lambskin Suede Leather

The Material

Is Lambskin a Suede?

Lambskin itself is not a suede, but it can be (as can many textiles) transformed into one. The process of sueding a textile like lambskin involves rubbing or raising the surface of the grained side of the leather until the finished product achieves a soft, velvet-like texture. Lambskin suede is an especially good choice for many types of clothing and fashion accessory items.

Pricing Information

How Much Does Lambskin Suede Normally Cost?

Because of its perceived superiority to other leathers and because it looks and feels so amazing, a hide of lambskin suede will usually cost more than a “regular” leather. Expect to pay in the neighborhood of $50 for an average-sized hide of 5-7 square feet. Hide thickness can also contribute to a lambskin suede hide’s price point. If you’re interested in buying our beautiful lambskin suede hides in bulk, contact us today to discuss a “buy in bulk” discount.

Experience The Difference

Pros & Cons of Lambskin Suede

While it’s true that lambskin suede, like anything else in this world, has its own pros and cons, we think the pros of its super-stylish look and luxurious feel far outweigh the cons of a higher price and needing to do more care and maintenance to keep the product in top shape. It’s all about looking and feeling good—and lambskin suede looks and feels great!

We Use Only Imported Italian Lamb Suede

Why Lambskin Suede is the Perfect Choice

There are so many other beautiful leathers on the market, so what makes lambskin suede the perfect choice? That depends, actually, on how you’re planning on using it. The distinctive high-end look and feel of lambskin suede makes it a perfect choice for clothing and accompanying fashion accessory items.

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