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Lambskin Leather Hides For Sale



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Lambskin Leather FAQs

What is lambskin leather?

Lambskin leather is leather made from the hides of lambs, or young sheep. Lambskin leather, especially our full-grain Italian lambskin leather, is lightweight and very finely grained for a soft and luxurious texture and feel. Lambskin leather is perfect for higher-end items such as garments.

How to clean lambskin leather?

Cleaning lambskin leather is very easy. Simply get a cloth wet and then use the damp clean cloth to wipe off any stains or marks. If there are deeper markings, scratches, or tears, you may need to see a leather expert, or try applying lambskin leather conditioners.

Is lambskin leather good?

Lambskin leather is one of the finest leathers available for garments or manufacturing. Because of its softness, it is often in high-demand for the fashion industry. Contact us today to learn more about our Italian lambskin leather hides and how you can order in bulk.

Does lambskin leather stretch?

Because lambskin leather is much lighter than traditional cowhide, it is stretchable. Because of this, lambskin leather makes a perfect hide for garments.

Does lambskin leather tear easily?

Despite being lighter-weight than cowhide, lambskin leather hides hold up great to heat and consistent use. That being said, it is wise to take good care of lambskin leather hides as they can stain easily.

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