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Top Leather Fashion Trends in 2020

23 March

Top Leather Fashion Trends in 2020

Learn The Hottest Trends For Leather In The Fashion Industry

Leather has been an important component in styles and trends for years. In 2020, leather will play an important part in fashion just like past years, however, it will be done a little different.


Instead of the usual nude leather colors, leather will be seen dyed with bright colors. Just like part of the fashion trends of the year, with neon being at the forefront of fashion, leather will find its place in this fun trend. Based off of the New York Fashion Week, we see that leather pieces in colors such as purple and green are not be dodged this year.


Leather tends to have a relatively matte finish, however, 2020 is the year with experimenting with different leather textures. From very textured pieces, fully matte items, or high shine products, there are ways to make a simple outfit look very different depending on certain textures. Mylar-like leather is another fun material that looks almost holographic and metallic. The time for solid colors is fading and we’re experimenting with multitudes of color.

Mixed Textures

We’ve been seeing a lot of mixed textures lately. Not only can you mix together matte and high shine leather, but mixing leather with non-leather but textured materials have been a big hit. One of the most common mixes has been tweed with leather. Whether this be tweed jackets with a leather hem or a tweed dress with a leather belt, there are plenty of ways to mix these two together.

Key Pieces

A classic leather jacket is a must in everyone’s closets, however, there are other fun pieces that you may have previously skipped that you should not avoid this year.  A fun leather dress is chic yet tough. If you’re worried about too much leather, a signature leather belt can sinch slouchy shirts or flowy dresses nicely at the waist.

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