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How To Make Leather: Lambskin Leather Making Process

5 April

How To Make Leather: Lambskin Leather Making Process

How To Make Lambskin Leather

Lambskin leather is a delicate material made out of young sheep’s skin. The use and processing of lambskin have been around since the 1930s, making it relatively new material we are working with. Due to the delicacy and thinness of the material, it must be processed gently in order to not damage the skin.


In order to dress and dye the sheepskin, there are three main machines whose main role is to prep the skin. First the skin but be ironed, then sheared, followed by carded. The goal of them all is to keep a short layer to no wool left and to have the skin uniform and level. Then, the formalin solution is applied. Without this, the skin would start to ‘curl’ upon contact with wetness.


When the skin has been properly prepared during the dressing process, it is delivered dry to factories where most of the fatty tissues have been removed. The drying process allows for the prevention of bacterial or mold growth.


After the skin has been dried, it lacks collagen levels giving it the soft texture lambskin has during life. In order to restore this moisture, the skin is placed in open tanks of unagitated salted water. This happens for approximately 12 hours, much less than other forms of leather which can be soaked for weeks at a time. This difference is due to its thinness and delicacy.


The last step in getting lambskin to the proper form is by removing the fascia. The fleshing uses mechanical blades to remove the corneum layer to lighten the weight of the skin. After fleshing, the material is ready for use.

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